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Sister Mary! is a hilarious dark comedy that producers are tagging as "Reno 911" meets "Bruno" with dialog straight out of "South Park".

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Homophobic detective Mark Rima (James Vallo) must "partner" up with the very gay and flamboyant Detective Chris Riant (Shawn Quinlan) to stop a serial killing Nun (Judy Tenuta) from offing 5 band members otherwise known as "The Ex Choir Boys."  But when it is determined that the Detectives can't solve the case on their own, expert F.B.I. profiler Agent Peccant (comedian ANT) is assigned to the case.  As the details of the case slowly emerge the police determine that that the "nun" may only be a silent witness to the grisly murders.  The task force then turns its attention on the Catholic Church and a suspect group of Priests that have had a propensity for "cleansing the souls" of innocent young choir boys.


Check back regularly for updates as the WORLD PREMIERE (Chicago) is only a few months away!  If you'd like to receive tickets for the world premiere and after party of Sister Mary!, please email us and we'll put you on the guest list to be invited.  Seating will be limited and all tickets shall be issued on a first come first serve basis.

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